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The Mission of ATA

The Arizona Trustee Association (ATA) is a statewide non-profit organization that was founded in 1988 to educate our members on real estate matters, monitor legislation that has been introduced by other parties that may impact the trustee sale process, and formulate legislation designed to, “Foster, promote and improve the quality of trust deed service in general;” (Canon of Ethics).


Our membership includes attorneys, title companies, escrow companies, financial institutions, loan servicing companies, investors, independent foreclosure companies, newspapers, posting, publication, and auction companies. In short, our members include the array of individuals and companies involved in the service, support, and completion of trustee sales.


The core activities of the ATA include:

  • Educating our membership in all facets of the trustee sale process.

  • Communicating with our membership to inform them of issues that may impact their operation regarding industry changes of practices, recommendations for “best practices,” reporting changes in procedure or practice required to comply with statutory changes, and changes resulting from court decisions.

  • Monitoring legislative proposals through the use of a dedicated lobbyist.

  • Advocating for the continued improvement in the industry.


There are many benefits to being a member of the Arizona Trustee Association.  They include:

  • Networking with professionals representing all facets of the trust deed service industry. Do you have a question about the foreclosure process? You have a broad group of professionals that are as close as a phone call or an e-mail away.

  • Educational opportunities in topics such as legislative updates, case law changes of importance and best practice issues of interest to trustees.  These opportunities are made available by way of monthly luncheons, seminars (with possible Continuing Education credits), and our annual education convention.

  • The ability to develop and/or support legislation that would be beneficial to our industry.

  • The use of a lobbyist to introduce and garner political support for legislation developed by the Association that is designed to improve the standards and procedures of the industry.  Our lobbyist also follows and reports on developing legislation introduced by other parties that directly or indirectly impacts our industry, which allows us input to support or modify proposed legislation.

  • A forum that allows your ideas and perspectives to be heard related to improving the quality, standards, procedures, and techniques of the trust deed service industry.

  • Timely communication of legal changes, practice suggestions, and services available to the membership through our newsletter “The Trustee Times” and our website.

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