December 29, 2019

Membership Payment

The Arizona Trustee Association has two categories of members: Active and Affiliate.

Active Members may vote at our annual meeting, while Affiliate Members may not.

Please select the category that best describes your business to submit your payment.


  • Person(s) working directly in a Trustee function, or a manager or supervisor of same. 
  • A firm acting as Trustee.
  • Attorney regularly acting in the capacity of Trustee or regularly representing Trustees with respect to Trustee matters.
  • Officer or firm engaged in the business of issuing Trustee Sale Guarantees.
  • Officer or firm acting as support and/or agent for the Trustee.

  • Person or firm engaged in the practice of law. 
  • Person or firm acting as a lender.
  • Person/firm engaged in the business of investing in Real Estate.
  • Real Estate Broker or Agent.
  • Others not listed