October 24, 2013

About Us

Our Purpose

WHEREAS, The purpose for which the Arizona Trustee Association was organized as stated in the corporate charter are:

  • “Foster, promote and improve the quality of trust deed service in general;
  • Improve the standards, procedures and techniques for rendering such services;
  • Elevate the status and increase the economic and social benefits to the trust deed industry and those who receive its services;
  • To develop a better understanding and cooperative relationship with related industries and professions;
  • To review current and pending legislation affecting the trust deed industry and to represent the Association’s common interests.”

“WHEREAS, the members of this Association are mindful that the soundness, usefulness, prosperity and future of the trust deed services industry depends on the honor, integrity and fidelity of all personnel engaged in this business;


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that each member of the Association pledges to observe and maintain the following standards of conduct in dealing with the public related industries and with other members.


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