President’s Message to Members


(April 2015)

Dear Members and Affiliates of the Arizona Trustee Association:

We have weathered another legislative session.  There was some concern about SB 1448.  As introduced, it had several provisions that would have had increased a Trustee’s exposure to claims and litigation.  After several meetings arranged by our new lobbyist, RyanHarper of Triadvocates, SB 1448 was amended to delete the problem provisions and revise (improve) the remaining section.  The bill is now before the Governor for signing and we anticipate he will sign the bill.  So, on or about July 3, there will be a new law which will require a statement in the Notice of Trustee’s Sale informing the reader that any interested party must obtain an injunction at least the day before a Trustee Sale or waive certain claims.

The bill spells out the language for the required notice.  Once the bill is signed, we will provide further information to our members.

My thanks to the Legislative Committee for their input on SB 1448 and to Ryan Harper for his assistance.

Our Annual Convention is always an event not to be missed.  The Convention always provides informative and entertaining seminars, great food and good friends.  This year will be something special.  From my perspective, the Convention Committee has scored a real coup.  The Convention this year will be held at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona.  It is a very, very beautiful setting.  The committee chairs, BrendaTucson and TraceyBayne, have negotiated a room rate that is a real bargain.  The convention dates are August 26 – 28.  Registration information will be sent out in a few weeks but everyone should circle their calendars now and plan on attending.

The ATA is blessed to have a number of members who volunteer their time and energy to keep the Association on solid ground.  It would sound like a lame, long award acceptance speech to name each volunteer individually; as the current President, I am very thankful for their support.

If there is an issue, a topic or a concern that any member has regarding the Association or that a member believes should be addressed or celebrated, please pick up the phone or send me an email.  I appreciate any and all input, with the goal to continue to improve the ATA.



Arizona Trustee Association